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Dear students,

I am pleased that we have sucessfully completed the first year of the Faculty of Architecture. During this period, we have established a multifaceted and dynamic Undergraduate Architecture Programme, for which we aimed to provide a strong educational basis through the contribution of practicing architects in addition to our experienced academic staff, and by organising local and international seminars and workshops. This multifaceted, high calibre and dynamic milieu will be enhanced more as new foreign members with academic, professional and teaching experiences will join the team, and a prominent Turkish architect will start to contribute to our design studios. Our educational milieu will be enriched as the recently approved City and Regional Planning Department will begin next year.

The vision of the Faculty of Architecture is educating and guiding the future architects/designers/city planners as professionals who have sensitivity to the natural, built, historical and traditional environments ; who take into consideration the varying needs and expectations of society; who care about professional ethics, who are conscious about the local values and informed about international development, who prioritize research, who has wide knowledge of technology, who can work and collaborate in an interdisciplinary context, and who are innovative, creative, and competitive in all types of milieus.

A holistic approach has been adopted in the education system where theory and application are mingled together. In this framework, design studios, being the backbone to all courses are the most important components of the programme. The undergraduate Architecture Programme in English has been prepared and waiting for the official approval in order to  begin in 2015. Efforts to start Master and PhD programmes have also been initiated.

 The renovation work in our Faculty building is about to be completed, and we will soon start the Fall Semester in our modernized building in the Fine Arts (Guzel Sanatlar) Campus that is close to the city centre and nearly recreational areas.

 I wish all our students who continue their education and those who are enrolled in our programme in Fall 2014 a very successful, fruitful, and enjoyable educational experience.

 Prof. Dr. Derya OKTAY